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Media Kit for
The Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise:
Pentimento Memories of Mom and Me

Media/promotional files are available for download. They include author head shot and book cover images, an author bio of various lengths, a press release, and a sell sheet. Click on the items you need below.
- Robert W. Norris headshot (350 dpi)

- Robert W. Norris headshot (72 dpi)

- Cover photo (300 dpi)

- Cover photo (72 dpi)

- Robert W. Norris short, medium and long bios (.docx or PDF)

- Press Release (.docx or PDF)

- Sell Sheet (.docx or PDF)

- ZIP folder of all files

Links to Excerpts, Reviews, and Media Interviews

Boomers Magazine -- Preface -- A Foreign Dean of Students at a Japanese University

Rag Radio -- An hour-long interview with the host Thorne Dreyer

Humboldt Times-Standard interview (PDF) -- Childhood in the Redwoods

Five-Star Review from Big Al's Books and Pals

Feature Story in Northwest Prime Time

Five-Star Review from Manhattan Book Review

Boomer Bedtime Story Radio -- An interview and my reading of an excerpt about my conscientious objector days and military prison experience (includes dramatic background sound effects and music)

Barbara Lloyd McMichael's (The Bookmonger) review in Coast Weekend

My author interview in Review Tales: A Book Magazine For Indie Authors 6th Edition (Spring 2023)

Five-star Review from Readers' Favorite

Feature Story in Literary Yard and 40-minute video interview with Editor Onkar Sharma (click here for YouTube video link)

Feature Story in poet Julia Hones's book blog My Writing Life (includes a couple of my mother's paintings)

A comprehensive (over 10,000 words) article by author and journalist Paul Haeder in Dissident Voice about my book and our correspondence over several months (includes some links to relevant songs on YouTube)

A top-notch review from U.K. book blogger Bookaholic Bex

Five-star review from memoirist, editor, and book blogger Mary Jo Doig

The BeZine (Vol. 10, Issue 2) -- B-52 Security Guard Becomes a Conscientious Objector

Excellent review from Rachel Deeming at her Scuffed Granny blog

Psychedelic Press published my story "An Old Vietnam War Conscientious Objector Takes a Mushroom Journey in Amsterdam" in their quarterly journal Psychedelic Press XXXIX

Meet the Expats Podcast -- A 40-minute interview with the host Pauline Mura

Specifically for Seniors Podcast -- I was the third guest on this 90-minute program (titled Three Men, Three Stories) with the host Dr. Larry Barsh (click here for YouTube video link)

Uncorking a Story Podcast -- A fun 40-minute interview with the host Michael Carlon (Links to both audio and video are at the bottom of the page.)

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